About Us

For more than two decades, the For Sale By Owner real estate market has been growing steadily. Close to 10% of all real estate transactions are now completed ‘FSBO’.

But the options for handling the legal side of FSBO has remained behind the curve. Information on and help with the legal document creation and filing process for by-owner real estate has not kept up with the expanding market.

So the Standard Legal Network Ltd. created FSBO Documents.

Since 2002, Standard Legal has produced and sold legal document content, do-it-yourself legal forms, and downloadable contract software.

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of customers, providing millions of legal file downloads.

We have also provided legal document preparation services to thousands of real estate buyers and sellers.

And we have answered customer questions about the law and real estate on scores of legal websites and blogs.

In short, Standard Legal is an expert at creating real estate legal documents.

So through FSBO Documents, we share what we know about For Sale by Owner real estate contracts with the rest of the world.

Have a question? Not finding some information you thought you would? Email us and we’ll reply with a helpful answer!

— Allen Freeman
Standard Legal Network Ltd
Cleveland, Ohio USA